Battery Load Bank

Battery Load Bank

Kongter offers many different models of battery load units for real capacity test in various industries. With our customized solution, users of different applications will find their exact models as per their needs. With its optional DAC (Data Acquisition Case), you could easily monitor voltage of each cell on PC during battery discharge test.
To download the detailed datasheets for some common battery load units that we have built in the past, please refer to This Page.

If you could not find the right load units as required, please kindly contact Kongter with your detailed requirement. We will sort out the best solutions for you accordingly. You could also view the general info of K-3980 series DC Load Bank or K-900 series DC load bank

Also click HERE with some tips on how to select a right battery load bank?

Power Utilty
Telecom & Utility

Battery Load Units:
LB-2482 (24V/48V 200A)
LB-2483(24V/48V 300A)
LB-4830(48V 300A)
LB-4860(48V 600A)

Battery Load Units:
LB-1110(110V 100A)
LB-1130(110V 300A)
LB-2210(220V 100A)
LB-2220(220V 200A)
LB-1121(110V/220V 100A)

Battery Load Units:
LB-4811 (48V/110V 100A)
LB-4812(48V/110V 200A)
LB-4821(48V/220V 100A)
LB- 4215(48V/220V 150A)

Big UPS System
Motive Power/Forklift
Wide Voltage Range

Battery Load Units:
LB-3850 (380V 50A)
LB-3810 (380V 100A)
LB-4805 (480V 50A)
LB-4810 (480V 100A)

Battery Load Units:
LB-2343 (24V/36V/48V 300A)
LB-2348(12V-80V 200A)

Battery Load Units:
LB-2415 (12V-220V 200A)