Ground Fault Location

Ground Fault Location

It will be very significant to fast pinpoint and eliminate grounding faults in DC system. It will avoid big hazard and costly repair before they become big problems to your DC system.

Kongter offers a whole line of ground fault locator from basic to advanced model to fast detect, trace and pinpoint virtual grounding faults in DC systems when systems are LIVE (working online). Without injecting any signal to the DC system, they are safe to your existing system. With Kongter’s unique technique for signal tracing, these ground fault locators are much faster and more effective to find the earth fault in the field than its peers. 

Basic model with safe operation with very low measurement current in DC system.  Low measurement frequency, more stable for online signal tracing. Cost effective DC fault tracing.

K-3838- ground fault locator

Advanced model of earth fault detector with more options of CT. With Kongter's unique technique for signal tracing online, it is safer, more functional and effective than its peers.

Kongter test measurement equipment.

Advanced new model of ground fault detector with higher measurement current up to 4mA. With our unique technique for signal tracing online, it is safer and faster for than its peers.

Kongter Earth fault detector, insulation fault detector, battery fault locator, fast and very effective for DC system

It is developed to fast detect, track and locate virtual grounding faults on DC systems.It uses 10Hz low frequency and smart current sensor with dual-range for effective location.