Kongter is a high-tech company which is dedicated to professional test and measurement tools for preventative maintenance and power solutions. We focus our main business on battery management, DC ground fault location, AC load bank, oil moisture sensors and so on.We are now the leading solution provider for these products in China. Our products include, but are not limited to, battery condition analyzer, battery/DC load bank, DC ground fault locator,  meter test system and whole line of AC load bank. All products are strictly accredited by the international quality standards of ISO 9001: 2015. 

As a professional manufacturer, we always put our product improvement and customers’ satisfaction in the first priority. And our R& D team is committed to the development of new advanced solutions that are field-proven, easy to use with more effectiveness for operation. Meanwhile, Konger’s products are cost smart with reliable performance and more selection for field operation.

For years, Kongter is proud to serve numerous customers with its reliable and cost effective products in different industries including telecom, power utility, locomotive, offshore platform and so on. It is now working actively as a global player with its professional test and measurement instruments and power solutions.

Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited
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