Kongter’s Application in Offshore Platform

Kongter’s Application in Offshore Platform

Performance and reliability of power system in offshore platform is of great importance for continuous production. And cost could be tremendous in case of power system problem. To secure the reliability of your power system, Kongter offers complete solutions to ensure the functionality and quality of your power system with our battery monitoring system, ground fault locator, power quality analyzer, AC load bank and so on.

K-3838- ground fault locator
Ground Fault Locator
Kongter customized AC load bank resistive dummy load bank
AC Load Bank
Moisture in Oil Transmitter

Kongter’s ground fault locators are developed to fast detect, trace and pinpoint virtual grounding faults on DC systems where electrical cables have breakage and current lost to ground. They save you from long time unnecessary troubleshooting and helps to increase stability of electrical equipment. >>>View More

Kongter is supplying the whole line of AC load bank with customized models for testing generator and UPS. Our offerings include a wide range of resistive, inductive, capacitive, or resistive/reactive combined loads. It can be single phase, or 3 phase or single phase/3 phase in one unit.  
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KT-200 is a fast, reliable and accurate online transmitter for water activity (aw) in oil and temperature (T). 
It is ideal for online monitoring of moisture in lubrication, hydraulic or insulation oil, which is significant for the long-term performance and preventive maintenance of plant and machinery. 
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BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer for fast and accurate test of battery internal resistance/conductance
Battery Quick Tester
Battery Monitoring System
Kongter customized battery load bank DC load unit for telecom power utility
Customized Battery Load Bank

Kongter’s BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer is for quick test of battery internal resistance/conductance. It measures battery voltage, resistance/conductance and judge battery capacity in seconds. It could also test batteries in live systems. >>>View More

BMS-3923 is complete monitoring system for all industries battery online monitor and battery management. With simply a smart phone, you could easily access to your batteries with complte data. For telecom, Kongter has typical solutions especially for system consist of 4x12V cells. >>>View More

We offer various customized load banks to meet users’ need precisely. For offshore platform, we have many different models with high discharge current. All battery load units are powerful with discharge function and others including parallel load, assistant discharge, charge monitor, etc. >>>View More