Battery Load Unit with Wide Voltage Range

Battery Load Unit with Wide Voltage Range

For customers who need to discharge different battery strings, Kongter offers load bank models with wide voltage ranges from 12V to 220V (or 240V) with high discharge current. This is universal DC load bank to cover most customers’s need for battery capacity test. This load bank model has the same measurement functions including standard discharge, assistant discharge, external discharge, charge monitor and so on like other models.
With the optional DAC, you could effectively monitor voltage of EACH cell and record it in PC automatically using our PC software.

To download data sheet of common load bank models, please click HERE

Kongter customized battery load bank with wireless monitor

LB-2415 DC load unit is specially designed for discharge experiment, battery capacity test, battery maintenance, engineering examination and other tests for DC power with load. It is specifically designed for 12V to 220V (or 240V) battery systems with max discharge current of 200A.