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K-1000 AC Load Bank (Resistive & Inductive)

Kongter resistive & inductive AC load banks are used to simulate the motor loads or other electromagnetic devices working at their rated power factor. Many backup generators and turbines are rated at 0.7, 0.8 or 0.85 power factor and need to be commissioned at nameplate capacity using a combination of resistive and reactive load to fully qualify their operating capability. Using a resistive & reactive load bank enables comprehensive testing from a single unit.

Kongter has an extensive range of resistive & reactive load banks to simulate these types of loads on a power source and the transformers, relays, and switches which will distribute the power throughout your facility.


Below is specification for some common models, we build more than these. Please contact Kongter to specify your customized model if you could not find the same model below.

Kongter resistive & inductive load banks-RL
Capacity:Resistive load:Resistive load:Resistive load:Resistive load:Resistive load:Resistive load:
6kW30kW 60kW100kW200kW500kW 
Inductive load:Inductive load:Inductive load: Inductive load: Inductive load: Inductive load: 
Customized solutions available upon request.
Rated Voltage:Single Phase,Three Phase AC480V,
AC230Vor customer tailored
Customized solutions available upon request.
Rated Current:Resistive amperes per phase: 26AResistive amperes per phase: 36AResistive amperes per phase: 72AResistive amperes per phase: 120AResistive amperes per phase: 240AResistive amperes per phase: 601A
at 480VAC:Reactive amperes per phase: 20AReactive amperes per phase: 27AReactive amperes per phase: 54AReactive amperes per phase: 90AReactive amperes per phase: 180AReactive amperes per phase: 451A
Minimum Load Step:100W, 100VAR100W, 100VAR100W, 100VAR1kW, 1kVAR1kW, 1kVAR1kW, 1kVAR
Customized solutions available upon request.
Display:Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power and PF displayed by digital meter
Protection:Overheating alarm, Short circuit protection, Overheating protection, Fan overloading protection, Emergency stop button.
All protections can be configured optionally
Control Mode:Manual control by MCBs or push buttons
Air Flow:Horizontal, Force-air cooling
Dimension:51*50*110(cm)90*90*160(cm)90*90*200(cm)120*120*200(cm)90*90*200(cm)  120*120*200(cm)     
Options:Handle panel or PC remote control selectable 


  • Compact AC load bank unit with user friendly control panel.
  • Effectively applied for full load test of generator set, UPS and other AC power systems.
  • Sectionalized control of input power enables any customized setting of load step and time.
  • Real-time display of test current, voltage, power, power factor, time and frequency.
  • Alternative control modes by local control of circuit breaker/push button or PC control.
  • PC software com protocol is open for data integration to customer’s IT system.
  • Emergency stop button for quick termination of AC load test.
  • Protection upon over load, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit and so on.
  • It adopts latest load element with high density power, safer and more durable.
  • Axial flow fans with big blast capacity for quick ventilation with low noise.
  • Many more customized models (resistive, inductive, capacitive or combined) available upon request
  • Battery bank system
  • Energy storage system
  • Energy meter loop load test
  • Datacenter rack heat simulating
  • PV system Inverter anti-islanding test
  • Voltage regulator, rectifier aging load test
  • Genset, UPS load bank commission testing
  • AC/DC power supply, power source commission acceptance test 

Standard Protections:

  • Emergency stop operation: one key stop loading
  • Over temperature alarm/protection: alarm & remove load
  • Fan interlock protection: loading available after fan activated
  • Over voltage protection: alarm & remove load

Optional Protections:

  • Blower thermal overload protection: alarm & remove load
  • Lack of air volume protection: alarm & remove load
  • Short circuit protection by fuse(over current protection)
  • Phase sequence protection(for fans with 3 phase voltage)
  • Air inlet & outlet temperature monitoring
  • Or other functions as requested

Control Modes:
Two control modes available for Kongter’s series AC load banks via local panel and PC software.

  • Local control mode by contactor or circuit breaker as requested by customer
  • PC software control (optional)
    Communication protocol of PC software is open to users for integration to their own system. 

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