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SRM-362 Standard Reference Meter(discontinued)

Phase: 3
Accuracy: Class 0.05
AC voltage measurement: 0-660V
AC current measurement: 0-120A
With high accuracy and reliability, SRM-362 is used as standard reference meter to test electric meter, energy meter and all kinds of AC electric quantity. These make it widely applied in measurement center, power supply corporations, power stations, quality control departments, research institutions, universities, manufacturers of electric meters, etc.


  • SRM-362 can be used as standard meter to test electric meter and energy meter, and also can measure all kinds of AC electric quantity;
  • Measure errors of single/three phase active and reactive energy meter, and standard deviation estimating value;
  • Measure Voltage, Current, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, Phase angle, Power factor, frequency and so on;
  • Measure distortion of Voltage and Current wave, 2nd~127th harmonics and inter-harmonics content, and disaplay harmonic bar graph and waveforms;
  • Measure power stability;
  • Real time display phasor diagram, easy to analyze wiring.
  • 8 inch color touch screen, interface friendly, easy to operate
  • Automatically switch to all Voltage and Current ranges, and no need to change wiring during measurement
  • High measuring resolution, Voltage and Current resolution superior to 2×10-5 , phase resolution 0.001°, frequency resolution 0.01Hz
  • Reactive power measurement includes 3P4W true reactive, 3P3W true reactive, 3 elements 90°artificial reactive, 2 elements 90°artificial reactive, 2 elements 60°artificial reactive etc. , which is suitable to test reactive power meter and reactive energy meter in various measuring principle
  • Equipped with RS232, Ethernet, and WiFi interface,SRM-362 can either support stand-alone operation, PC control or handy wireless terminal control
  • Automatically detect, diagnose and alarm for failure
  • Remotely updating online, easily achieve software updating
  • Output standard energy pulse, and the pulse constant can be set manually
  • Support local calibration at users’ side

AC Voltage Measurement
Range: 75mV, 750mV, 7.5V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 660V automatically switch
Stability: ≤100ppm/year
Measurement accuracy: 0.05%RG

AC Current Measurement
Range: 500μA, 2mA, 10mA, 50mA, 200mA, 500mA, 2A, 5A, 10A, 30A, 120A automatically switch
Stability: ≤100ppm/year
Measurement accuracy: 0.05%RG

Power Measurement
Active/reactive power measurement accuracy: 0.05%RG
Phase angle measurement
Measuring range: 0°~360°
Resolution: 0.001°
Measurement accuracy: 0.05°

Frequency measurement
Measuring range: 40Hz ~70Hz
Resolution: 0.001Hz
Accuracy: 0.002 Hz

Harmonic Voltage
Harmonic order: 2nd ~127th
Harmonic amplitude: 0~100%
Harmonic accuracy: when Uh≥1%Un, 5% Uh; when Uh<1%Un, 0.05% Un.

Harmonic Current
Harmonic order: 2nd ~127th
Harmonic amplitude: 0~100%
Harmonic accuracy: when Uh≥3%Un, 5% Uh; when Uh<3%Un, 0.15% Un

Energy error measurement:
Active energy basic error limit:
±0.05%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.05A~120A, PF≥0.5)
±0.1%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.02A~0.05A, PF=1)
Reactive energy basic error limit:
±0.1%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.05A~120A, PF≥0.5)
±0.2%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.02A~0.05A, PF=1)

Energy pulse
Energy pulse output:
Pulse constant setting range: (1~599999999) r/kWh (r/kvarh)
Max. output frequency: 10KHZ
Energy pulse input:
Pulse constant setting range: (1~599999999) r/kWh (r/kvarh)
Calibration pulse setting range: 1~999999
Max. input frequency: 10KHZ

Other parameters:
Power supply:                 90-265VAC/DC
Power frequency:            50Hz~60Hz
Power consumption:       100VA
Environment condition:    20℃~30℃,Humidity: RH≤85%
Storage environment:      -20℃~50℃
Size:                                400 (L)× 440(W)× 176mm(H)
Weight:                            15kg

SRM-362 contains 2 models with different accuracy below:

SRM-362C, Accuracy Class: 0.05

SRM-362B, Accuracy Class: 0.1

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