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SPS-31 DC Standard Source

Signal: DC
Accuracy: Class 0.05
DC voltage output: 0-1100V
DC current output: 0-30A
SPS-31 is specially designed to test analog and digital DC/AC Voltage meter, Current meter energy meter, DC voltage transducer and Current transducer. It is widely applied for test, production and inspection in research institution, national measurement institution at all levels, and meter manufacturer.


  • Modular design, strong anti-interference ability, it is used for interference test of static electricity, EMC and so on.
  • 8 inch color touch screen, interface friendly, easy to operate
  • Equipped with RS232, Ethernet, and WiFi interface, SPS-31 can either support stand-alone operation, PC control or handy wireless terminal control
  • Self-protection, alarm and display overload location for equipment output overload, Voltage short-circuit, Current open-circuit
  • Communicate with tested meter thru RS-232/485
  • Customize Auto-calibration and inspection system of meters
  • Automatically detect, diagnose and alarm the failure
  • Remotely updating online, easily achieve software update
  • Support local calibration by users

DC Voltage output
Range (4 wires): 100mV, 300 mV, 1V, 5 V, 20V
Range (2 wires): 100V, 300V, 1000V
Adjustment Range: (0~120) %RG; 1000V: (0~110) %RG
Adjust resolution: 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, and 10% RG for option
Stability: 0.005%/2min
Ripple amplitude: ≤1%
Output load: 30V and upper gears: ≥10mA; 7.5V and below gears: ≥25mA
Measurement accuracy: 0.05%RG

DC Current Output
Range: 1mA, 3mA, 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, 1A, 5A, 10A, 15A, 25A
Adjustment Range: (0~120) %RG
Adjust resolution: 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, 10% RG
Stability: 0.005%/1min
Ripple resolution: ≤1%RG
Output load:  25A: 25VA, other ranges: ≥2V; 200mA and below ranges: ≥15V
Measurement accuracy: 0.05%RG

DC energy
DC energy basic error limit: 0.05%RD

DC Voltage measurement
Range: 75mV, 100 mV, 300mV, 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 100V, automatically switch ranges
Stability: 0.005%/1min (Class 0.05), 0.01%/1min (Class 0.1)
Basic error limit: 0.02%RG
Ripple measuring error: ±(5%RD + 0.1%), RD refer to ripple measured value
Resolution: 0.001%RG

DC Current measurement
Range: 2mA, 20mA, 200mA; 1A, 5A, 10A, 30A, automatically switch ranges
Stability: ≤100ppm/year
Basic error limit: 0.02%RG (2mA~1A), others: 0.1%RG
Ripple measuring error: ±(5%RD + 0.1%), RD refer to ripple measured value
Resolution: 0.001%RG

Other parameters:
     Power supply:               90-265VAC/DC
     Power frequency:          50Hz~60Hz
     Power consumption:     50VA
     Environment condition: 20℃~30℃, Humidity: RH≤85%
     Storage environment:   -20℃~50℃
     Size:                              600mm(L)× 440mm(W)× 176mm(H)
     Weight:                         15kg

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