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MTS-50 Meter Test System

Phase: 3
AC voltage output: 0-792V
AC current output: 0-60A
Accuracy: 0.05%RG (Class 0.05) or 0.1% RG (Class 0.1)
This meter test equipment features state-of-art designing with high accuracy. It is composed of high accurate (class 0.05% or 0.1%) standard reference meter and power source (up to 50A). This system is particularly designed with modular structure for calibration and test of different single phase/3 phase electronic/inductive active and reactive energy meters.


  • Calibrate all kind of single/three phase electronic/inductive active and reactive energy meter
  • Automatically or single-step manually test basic error, creeping, starting, standard deviation of single/three phase energy meter, save user-defined calibrating scheme in Auto calibration
  • Support variables influencetests, such as: Voltage, frequency, harmonics, reverse phase sequence, Voltage unbalance, etc
  • Support special tests in energy meter type test, such as: phase triggering, pulse train triggering, etc
  • Support DLT-645 communication protocol,multi-testing of  multifunction meter such as: demand indication error, demand cycle error, time slot switching error, energy error of different tariff period, etc.
  • With OCXO, daily error of energy meter can be detected
  • Output 2nd~63rd harmonics
  • 8” TFT screen, interface friendly, easy to operate;
  • Equipped with RS232, Ethernet, and WiFi interface,MTS-50 can either support stand-alone operation, PC control or handy wireless terminal control;
  • Communicate with tested meters thru RS-485;
  • Automatically calculate the error of meter, and the related data can be downloaded thru U-disk;
  • Self-protection, alarming and displaying overload location for equipment output overload, Voltage short-circuit, Current open-circuit;
  • Automatically detect, diagnose and alarm for failure.
  • Remotely updating online, easily achieve software updating;
  • Support calibration by user locally

AC Voltage output:
Range: 100V, 220V, 380V, 660V;
Adjusting range: (0~120) %RG, RG refers to range;
Adjusting resolution: 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, or 10% RG;
Stability: 0.01%/2min (Class 0.05), 0.02%/2min (Class 0.1);
Distortion: ≤0.2% (Non capacitive load);
Max output load: 20VA each phase;
Accuracy: 0.05%RG (Class 0.05), 0.1%RG (Class 0.1);

AC Current output:
Range: 0.05A, 0.2A, 1A, 5A, 16.67A, 50A;
Adjusting range: (0~120) %RG, RG refers to range, similarly hereafter;
Adjusting resolution: 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, or 10% RG;
Stability: 0.01%/2min (Class 0.05), 0.02%/2min (Class 0.1)
Distortion: ≤0.2% (Non capacitive load);
Max output load: 50VA (50A range)
Accuracy: 0.05%RG (Class 0.05); 0.1%RG (Class 0.1)

Power output
Power output stability: 0.01%/2min (Class 0.05), 0.02%/2min (Class 0.1)

Phase output
Output adjusting range: 0°~360°;
Output adjusting resolution: 10°, 1°, 0.1°, or 0.01°;
Resolution: 0.01°;
Measurement accuracy: 0.05°.

Power factor output:
Adjusting range: -1 ~ 0 ~ +1;
Measuring resolution: 0.0001;
Measurement accuracy: 0.0005

Frequency output
Adjusting range: 40Hz ~70Hz;
Output adjusting resolution: 1Hz, 0.1Hz, 0.01Hz, or 0.001Hz;
Resolution: 0.001Hz;
Accuracy: 0.002 Hz.

Harmonic setting
Harmonic order: 2nd ~63rd
Harmonic amplitude: 0~40%
Harmonic angle: 0°~359.99°
Harmonic set error: 2~31times: ≤±0.1%, 32~63 times: ≤±0.2%;

Energy error measurement:
Active energy basic error limit:
±0.05%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.02A~60A, PF≥0.5);
±0.1%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.01A~0.02A, PF=1);
Reactive energy basic error limit:
±0.1%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.02A~60A, PF≥0.5);
±0.2%RD (Voltage 15V~660V, Current 0.01A~0.02A, PF=1);

Energy pulse input
Input pulse: 3 channels active, 3 channels reactive

Other parameters:
Power supply:                90-265VAC/DC
Power frequency:           50Hz~60Hz
Power consumption:       50VA~1000VA
Environment condition:   20℃~30℃,Humidity: RH≤85%
Storage environment:     -20℃~50℃
Size:                               600mm(L)× 440mm(W)× 176mm(H)
Weight:                           25kg

MTS-50 contains 2 models with different accuracy below:
MTS-50C: Accuracy Class 0.05
MTS-50B: Accuracy Class 0.1

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