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LT-2000 DC Load Bank

Kongter’s LT-2000 is a series customized DC load banks feature unique design and excellent performance. We offer many different load bank models of non-constant current discharge to cover a wide voltage range with current up to 2000A. With Kongter’s flexible solutions, they cover a wide application including telecom, power utility, data center, forklift and others. Users could easily control via manual local push button, circuit breaker or optionally via PC remote control.

For smart load bank with electric control and constant current discharge, please refer to K-900 series DC load units.

LT-200 DC Load Bank–general info-Catalog



  • State-of-art and rugged design with user friendly control panel.
  • Widely applied for DC load test where constant current discharge is not required
  • Sectionalized control of power enables customized setting of load step and time.
  • Real-time display of test current, voltage, power and time in LCD meter.
  • Alternative control modes by local circuit breaker/push button contactor or PC control.
  • Protection upon over voltage, over temperature and with emergency stop button
  • It adopts latest load element with high density power, safer and more durable.
  • Axial flow fans with big blast capacity for quick ventilation with low noise.
  • Many customized models available upon request for various voltage and current

Below is just general info of LT-2000 series load bank. To figure out the right solutions for you exactly, please tell us your detailed requirement like voltage, current, power supply and way of control, etc.

Rated voltage 12-1000VDC – customized voltage per user’s need 
Rated currentUp to 2000A – customized current per user’s need
Voltage range 1-1000V
Current range10-2000A
Load accuracy ±5%
Way of DisplayReal time display of voltage, current and time
Sampling accuracy 0.5 class
Work powerPer customer local power supply
Control modeBasic: Local manual control with push button contactor or circuit breaker
Advanced: Optional control via PC remote control (communication: RS485)
Protection levelIP20 (for indoor models)
IP44 (for outdoor models)
Indoor and outdoor models are built per customer’s choice. 
Cooling modeForce-air cooling, air entry from bottom and outlet to top side.
Work ModeContinuous work
Protection functionOverheating/buzzer alarm, overheating/over voltage protection, emergency stop button
Environment -10 ~ 50°C,  ≤95% RH


Kongter load bank resistors

Kongter’s resistive DC load bank units are mainly composed of high reliable and durable new alloy resistor. This resistor has good insulation and heat dissipation with uniform heat conducting. Working temperature is just 1/3 of rated temperature.
It has feature of small temperature drift, stable resistance without over heating in long time work. It is moisture-proof, antiseptic, safe and durable. This enables the continuous and consistent performance of Kongter’s DC load bank.

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