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K-3986 Charger/Discharger Complex

K-3986 is not only a battery charger or load unit for battery String. It is comprehensive unit with one-stop-solution for battery maintenance. With charging and discharging for the same battery string, it will greatly simplify your maintenance for batteries. Extra functions like wireless online monitoring and battery activation will enable you to know your batteries comprehensively. With optional DAC, you could also have a real time monitor for the whole process of measurement. 

For charge and discharge of single cell, we also have BCD-3932T and BCD-3933T Battery Charger/Discharger. 

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  • Suitable for all standby batteries and power batteries: 1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V
  • Multi-function in one unit: it uses 3-phase charging, constant current discharging and battery string activation
  • Multi-condition for operation auto-stop: time out, maximum capacity, minimum voltage threshold (for battery or string)
  • Lag-out batteries could be automatically sorted, and activation function is used to enhance their performance
  • Optional wireless DAC enables real-time PC monitor for measurement
  • State-of-the-art technique of soft-off for battery charging
  • Graphical display, showing test result with curves
  • Over voltage protection and under voltage warning function
  • Thermal protection, auto stop in overheating and auto start in normal temperature
  • Powerful data view software for complex data analyzing and report printing
  • Various models applicable to different area of industry like telecom and power utility
ParameterTesting RangeResolution & Accuracy
Total discharge voltage10~264V (Nom: 220V)
10~132V (Nom: 110V)
10~55.2V (Nom: 48V)
Resolution: 0.1V
Accuracy: 0.5%
Total charge voltage output176~288V (Nom: 220V)
90~143V (Nom: 110V)
40~57.6V (Nom: 48V)
Resolution: 0.1V
Accuracy: 0.5%
Charge/discharge cell voltage0.000V~16.00VResolution: 0.1V
Accuracy: 0.5%
Operating Time0~99h 59m—-

Mains: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz or AC 380V, 3 phase                   
Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (Operating)          
Humidity: 5%~90% Relative Humidity
Display: 128*64 pixel LCD screen
Standard: CE market, EMC standard, LVD 60335

Q: What models should I choose if we are to activate single Cell?
A: Kongter offers two models, BCD-3932T and BCD-3933T, for charge, discharge and activation of single cell. BCD-3932T is for measurement of 1.2V, 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V and 12V with max charge and discharge current of 100A, while BCD-3933T is for measurement of 6V and 12V ONLY with max current of 50A.

Q: What models should I choose if we want to activate battery String?
A: K-3986 series customized units are used to charge, discharge and activate battery String in single device. For example, if you want to test 48V with discharge current of 200A and charge current of 100A, you will need a customized model of 48V 200A (discharge)/48V 100A (charge).

Q: What is the principle of battery activation?
A: The charge and discharge functions in BCD-3932T. BCD-3933T and K-3986 could be used individually or comprehensively. When used comprehensively, lag-out battery will experience low-volt constant current charging and discharging in one or multi-circles (1~99). By activating the disabled Active-Material on battery electrode plate, it amends the battery malfunction caused by chemical failure and thus boosts the capacity of batteries.

Q: Can I monitor voltage of each cell during charge or discharge?
A: With optional DAC (Data Acquisition Case), you could view complete data including voltage value of each cell in PC software and K-3986 during measurement.

Q: If I do not have DAC, can I still use the PC software to monitor other data during measurement?
A: Yes, you could.

CodeDescriptionDimension & Weight
(main unit)

For battery 220 VDC
Discharge current: 0-50A
Charge current: 0-30A



For battery 110 VDC
Discharge current: 0-100A
Charge current: 0-40A



For battery 48 VDC
Discharge current: 0-150A
Charge current: 0-50A



For battery 48 VDC
Discharge current: 0-200A
Charge current: 0-100A


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