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Kongter is dedicated to the whole line of battery management systemDC ground fault location, power meter, meter test system and insulation online monitoring. Our products include, but are not limited to, battery tester, DC load bank, battery monitoring system, DC ground fault locator, insulation online monitoring system and DC ripple signal detector which are widely used in telecom, power utility, locomotive, data center, mission critical facilities and so on.

Users of different industries could also select the right products HERE by applications. 

BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer for fast and accurate test of battery internal resistance/conductance

New tester BT-301 is for quick measurement of both interal resistance and conductance in very short time. Consistent and accurate analysis of battery condition.

Battery activator

K-3986 is not only a battery charger or load unit for battery String. It is comprehensive unit with one-stop-solution for battery maintenance with charge, discharge and activation.

BMS-3923 Battery Monitoring System

BMS-3923 is complete monitoring system for all industries battery online monitor and management. With APP, you could easily access to your batteries with complte data.

Kongter battery data logger for real time monitor of battery votlage, current, string votlage and temperature per IEEE measurement standards

BDL-3927 is wireless battery data logger for string voltage, cell voltage, current and temperature with many customized models. Work independently or with load bank.

Battery charger, lead acid battery activator, battery regeneration with high current for single cell

BCD-3932T is standard unit applied for charge, discharge and activation of 1.2V, 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V and 12V SINGLE cell with max current of 100A. A unit with 3 functions in one.

BCD-3933T battery charger/discharger-for 12V

BCD-3933T is typical unit applied for charge,discharge and activation of 6V and 12V SINGLE cell with max charge and discharge current of 50A. A unit with 3 functions in one.

K 3980 customized battery load bank, load unit, battery capacity tester

K-3980 consists many customized load bank models for various industries. All models come with PC software. With optional DAC for monitoring voltage of EACH cell.

K-3837 Ground Fault Locator, safe and easy going for online DC systems

Safe operation with very low measurement current in DC system.  Low measurement frequency, more stable for online signal tracing. Cost effective DC fault tracing.

Earth fault detector, insulation fault detector, battery fault locator, fast and very effective for DC system

K-3838 is updated model of earth fault detector which is developed to fast detect, trace and pinpoint virtual grounding faults on DC systems. It is safer, more functional and effective.

Others (Insulation Online Monitor, AC Load Bank & Power Analyzer)
insulation monitoring system, ground fault monitor, insulation monitor - Kongter

ISM-200 is a high accurate and secure for DC system insulation. Appliced for different types of ground fault, insulation decreasing, AC signal interruption & DC signal interruption.

AC load bank, resistive load bank, customized load unit with different customized models per your need

K-3980J series AC load bank is compact and easy to operate with reliable load element. It has over-volt and temperature protection. Customized models available.

very functional for measurement of single phase and 3 phase power meters, watthour meters.

MT-3551T is multi-functional in field testing for power meters and metering units of all wirings. Widely used for power consumption examination, circuit breakage inspection, etc.

Kongter three-phase power quality meters help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems.

PQ-3561 power quality meter helps you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in distribution systems for prevention and analyzing of the power quality problem.