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TD-40 Transducer for Electrical Quantities

TD-40 includes a series of Transducers for Electrical Quantities, fundamental devices for process automation. All our instruments fulfill all important requirements and regulations for electromagnetic compatibility and safe isolation standards (IEC 688-1992 standard and GB/T 13850-1998 standard). These devices have been developed, manufactured and tested strctly in accordance with Quality Assurance System ISO 9001.


Technical Specification

Main Feature

  • Designed and tested to meet requirements of IEC 668
  • High load capacity
  • High reliability
  • DIN rail mounting

Technical Specification
Accuracy: Class0.2,0.5   
Auxiliary Power Supply: 85V~265VDC/AC 24V~80VDC/AC 
Stability: Annual Change Rate ≤±0.2%
Input Overload Capacity:                    
Continuous Overload Capacity ≤1.5X
Transient Overload Capacity  Voltage Limit≤3X  Current Limit≤30X 

Constant Voltage Output, Load Resistor    Rext≥250Ω
Constant Current Output, Load Resistor    Rext≤500Ω
Alternating Wave: ≤18mV(Peak-Peak) 
Response Time: ≤300ms
Striking Voltage: ≤2.5kV
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Relative Humidity of Annual Mean: ≤90%RH
Installation: DIN 35mm Rail
Size:35*69*110 mm
Guaranty Period: 2 years

Technical Data

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