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PM-90 Digital Energy Meter

With rugged and modular design, PM-90 has been widely applied for the accurate and durable monitoring of digital energy meters for active, reactive and combination energy. It has simple interface for easy access.



Main features

  • Programmable PT and CT ratio
  • Analog output (optional)
  • Energy pulse output (optional)
  • Built-in RS-485 communication port
  • 1 channel remote signal input (optional)
  • Multi-tariff function (Max 12 time lots, optional)

Measured Parameters

1CurrentIa, Ib, Ic, Iavg 9999KAClass 0.2
2Active PowerWa, Wb, Wc, W∑Directional9999MWClass 0.5
3Reactive Powervara, varb, varc, var∑Directional9999MvarClass 0.5
4Active EnergykWhDirectional9999999.99kWhClass 1
5Reactive EnergyKvarhDirectional9999999.99kvarhClass 2



Electrical Connections:Single phase, 3-Ph 3 Wire , 3-Ph 4 Wire
Input Voltage:0~693VAC, Direct Input
Input Current:0~5A
Power Factor:0.5(Capacitive)~1 ~0.5(Inductive)
Accuracy Class:Active Energy : Class1, IEC61036
Reactive Energy:Class2, IEC62053-23
Analog Output:Class 0.5, IEC60688
Overload Capacity:Voltage 2X, 2sec.
Current 10X, 1sec.
Display:8 digits LED display
Metric direction:Bi-directional
OutputkWh/kvarh pulse output
kWh/kvar analog output: 0V-5V, 4mA-20mA(optional)
Isolation:Galvanic isolation on all inputs, outputs and power supply.
Energy Meter Constant:1000 imp/ kWh
Auxiliary  Power Supply:24V~80VAC/DC;85V~265VAC/DC
Power Consumption:< 5VA
Operating temperature:-20℃~+60℃
Storage temperature:-40℃~+85℃
Humidity:5~95%RH, non-condensing
Dimensional size:96mm×96mm×78mm
Installation size:91mm×91mm

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