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PM-301S Digital Multifunction Meter (LED)

With rugged and modular design, PM-301S multifunctional energy meter has been widely applied for the accurate and constant monitoring of different electrical parameters in single phase, 3 ph 3/4 wire electrical system. It has user-friendly interface including complete measurement parameters.


  • Measure and analyze real time data, such as U, I, In,P, Q, S, cosΦ, F, kWh, kvarh, etc.
  • Built-in RS-485 communication port
  • 2 energy pulse output (active and reactive energy each)
  • Max/min. data record, and demand record
  • 1 channel programmable analog output (4~20mA or 0~5V, optional)
  • Multi-tariff function (Max.12 Time slots, optional)
  • 1 channel remote signal input (optional)

Measurement Accuracy:

Voltage0~9999kV Class0.2
Current0~9999kA Class0.2
Power factor-1~+1DirectionalClass 1
Frequency45~65Hz 0.01Hz
Active Power-9999~9999MwDirectionalClass0.5
Reactive Power-9999~9999MVArDirectionalClass0.5
Apparent Power0~9999MVA Class0.5
Active Energy0~9999999.99MWhDirectionalClass 1
Reactive Energy0~9999999.99MVArhDirectionalClass 2

Technical Specification:

Current Input
Input Current:0~5A   (Current value can be set up)
Measurement scope:0.5%~120%In
Overload capacity:2 X rated continuously,100A/1s non continuously
Power consumption:≤0.2VA per phase
Voltage Input
Input Voltage:0~400VAC (L-N),0~693VAC(L-L)(Voltage value can be set up)
System frequency:45~65Hz
Measurement scope:3%~120%Un
Overload Capacity:2 X rated continuous, 2500V/1s non continuous
Power consumption:≤0.5VA per phase
Switch Status (optional)
Input Channels:1 channels
Input Type:Dry contact
Isolated Voltage:                                                          2500VAC
Analog Output (optional)
No. of outputs1 channels programmable
Output signal4~20mA or 0~5V
Response time≤400ms
Pulse Output (standard)
No. of outputs2 channels(active/reactive energy each)
Serial com. Port (standard)
No. of outputs1 RS-485 port
Communication protocolModbus-RTU protocol
Baud rate2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 & 38400 bps

Other Parameters:

  • Operation temperature:-20℃~ +60℃ 
  • Storage temperature:-40℃~ +85℃    
  • Operation humidity:5~95%RH
  • drifting rate: <100ppm/℃
  • Total power consumption:<5VA
  • Auxiliary power supply: 24~80VAC/DC, 85~265VAC/DC
  • Voltage resistance(Input against Output); 2500V/1min.
  • Material of Housing: Flammability acc. to UL 94V0
  • Dimensional Size: 96mmX96mmX86mm
  • Installation Size: 91mmX91mm

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