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K-3980J AC Load Bank

K-3980J AC load bank contains many different customized models containing following features:

  • Compact and easy to operate
  • Reliable load element
  • Over-volt and temperature protection
  • 0-40kw continuous adjustable
  • Customized units available upon request

For testing of battery real capacity, Kongter also offers a whole series of K-3980 Battery Load Bank which is widely applied in telecom, power utility, data center, forklift batteries, and so on.


Unique Features
  • High rate testing for voltage, current and transient voltage waveform for generator and UPS units
  • Big TFT touch screen, easy operation and vivid display of testing data and waveform
  • Power continuously adjustable from 0 to 40kW with current from 0 to 60A
  • Discharge time customized as 0-99 hours with resolution of 1 minute
  • Can set different current, end-up time, discharge power and voltage threshold (upper or lower limit)
  • Has emergency stop button
  • Auto stop discharge when three phase voltage is over high
  • Auto stop discharge when three phase voltage is over low.
  • Has over current short circuit protection
  • Warning and auto stop upon any fans failure

This is datasheet for 3 phase 40kw. More customized load bank models available upon request. 

Voltage Test:Test range: 220V/480VAC, 3Ø
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Resolution: 0.1V
Current Test: Test range: AC 0~60A
Accuracy: ±1%
Resolution: 0.1A
Working power: 110V±10% 60Hz, 220V±10% 50Hz
Load input voltage: 220V/480VAC, 3Ø  
Cooling: Force air cooling
Communication: USB
Display: TFT touch screen, 320*240 pixel
Dimension(main body): 492*352*176 (mm)         



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