Kongter is dedicated to supplying the whole line of battery test & management systems, DC measurement, power meter and meter test equipments. Our battery/DC load bank, ground fault locators, power meter and meter calibration instruments are widely applied in different industries for preventative maintenance of mission critical power systems. These industries include, but not limited to, telecommunication, power utility, data center, industrial manufacturing, locomotive, offshore platform and refinery.

Kongter also supplies customized solutions for various applications. If you do not find the right products below, please kindly contact us with your detailed requirement, we will sort out the best solutions for you accordingly.

Power Utility
Data Center
Motive Power/Forklift
Industrial Manufacturing
Offshore Platform
BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer for fast and accurate test of battery internal resistance/conductance

Updated handheld tester for measurement of both battery internal resistance and conductance for users in different countries. More accurate and consistent test for judgement of battery capacity in seconds.

Meter test system, power meter test, power meter calibration

MTS-122 Meter Test System is composed of high accurate (class 0.05% or 0.1%) standard reference meter and power source. Particularly designed for precise calibration of different power meters.

Earth fault detector, insulation fault detector, battery fault locator, fast and very effective for DC system

Kongter's series ground fault detectors are developed to fast detect, trace and pinpoint virtual grounding faults on DC systems where electrical cables have visual breakage with current lost to ground.

K 3980 customized battery load bank, load unit, battery capacity tester

We offer many customized load bank models to cover a wide range from 12V to 480V nominal voltages with current up to 600A. They are applied for industries including telecom, utility, data center, forklift, etc.


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Kongter is a high-tech company which is dedicated to professional test and measurement tools for preventative maintenance and power solutions. We focus our main business on battery management, DC ground fault location, power meter and meter calibration instruments. We are now the leading solution provider for these products in China.

Our products include, but are not limited to, battery condition ananlyzer, battery/DC load bank, DC ground fault locator, multifunctional power meter, meter test system. All products are strictly accredited by the international quality standards of ISO 9001: 2008. >>>View More

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